Best SEO Plugins for Wordpress to Boost Google Ranking

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We have to do a lot of work to optimize our Website for Search Engine. If your blog is on Blogger then you will have to do most of the work manually by editing the template. But if you are a WordPress user, you can easily do SEO for your blog with the help of plugins. Today we are going to tell you how to setup / configure WordPress best 2 SEO plugins.

Search Engine Optimization most and most vital for blogging. If you‘re using WordPress CMS platform, then got to need to install best WordPress SEO plugins. Because it helps to extend your on page score on Google, Yahoo, Bing or other major search engines. But if there has no plugin for SEO, you‘ll miss these facilities and also miss organic traffic.

If we talk about WordPress, it has Two popular and great WordPress SEO plugin. If you select them, you'll boost your blog traffic from Google. But if there haven‘t installed them, then you unable to enjoy there benefits. you want to read their facilities first then decide which is best for your website.

Do you know which websites Google pays more attention to? There are many reasons for this and one of the valid reasons is that those whose blogs are optimized for SEO from the beginning get better rank. Some of us also do that after creating our blog, posts start writing posts without doing SEO. When he writes 100 and 150 posts and still does not get traffic from the search engine, then he gets the idea of basic SEO.

Remember, whenever you start a new blog, it is very important to do its basic search engine optimization. If you ignore it in the beginning, then later on you may have to work very hard.

Like we have said earlier that for basic SEO in Blogger blog, we have to do a lot of work by manually editing the template. But this does not happen in wordpress. Because you will know that there are thousands of plugins in wordpress, with the help of which you can design, customize blogs and much more. So, Lets begin!

1- Yoast SEO Plugin

Yoast SEO plugin is the king for optimize your website on page. If you select this, you‘ll easily customize your SEO settings. Since 2008, this plugin help bloggers to spice up their blog ranking. See their features bellow:

  1. Advance canonical URLs tag to avoid duplicate articles from your Website.
  2. Advanced XML sitemap to seek out your site on Google & also submit sitemap on Google.
  3. Show breadcrumbs navigation for SEO in SERP.
  4. Add focus keyword in post-body and multiple focus keyword (Premium only).
  5. SEO friendly Title and Meta description when writing your article on your Website.
  6. Social media title and outline modification.
  7. Optimization for video Blog, WooCommerce and Local SEO
  8. SEO score, readability score and lots of more awesome features.

2- All in One SEO Pack Plugin [WordPress]

This is a really popular and highly rated WordPress SEO plugin All in One SEO Pack 2+ million active installations. This improves your WordPress SEO and Search visibility. If you‘re trying to find SEO plugin for your WordPress site, you‘ll use All in One SEO pack plugin. here you ready to customize your important on site program optimization settings properly. If you thought to use free WordPress SEO plugins, then you want to choose this. Because you‘ll enjoy here both free and premium facilities. Since 2007, this plugin has many updates by Micheal Torbert.

The main benefits of this plugin:

  1. Support Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP)
  2. All in One SEO for Blogger (XML coding)
  3. You ready to activate both article and image sitemap for program bot.
  4. Google analytics support to trace your traffic.
  5. Single posts canonical URLs to avoid duplicate content.
  6. Advanced feature for E-Commerce websites.
  7. Setup Meta description, Meta keyword and Meta title optimization for SEO.
  8. Choose it as best keyword research tool.


If you wish to avoid common SEO mistakes, both of those plugin are great for your blog. Because it‘s awesome thing to optimize your blog and obtain organic traffic also. There is no other alternative and best WordPress SEO plugins like these. So, you want to choose one among them and increase your blogging experience. Hope you like it after reading this post. Comment to ask questions related to this Article. If you liked the post, share it with friends.

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Best SEO Plugins for Wordpress to Boost Google Ranking