How to Increase Views on Instagram Reels

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If you want to get millions of views on Instagram Video and also want to increase followers, then you are in the right place, Instagram Reels is a way to make an entertaining video in which you can show your talent logo in 15 seconds video, with this in reels Options are also available to add effects, and music.

If you create Instagram Reels but views are not coming on it, then I am going to tell you about how to increase views on Reels.

After recording your video and adding effects, audio etc. to it, when you post the video, then how many people have seen it, it is very important because the more people see your made video, the more people like it.

On the contrary, if the views on your video are not good, then it also reduces the likes on it and also reduces the reach of the video, but what is the reason due to which views are not coming on Instagram Reels, then there can be many reasons for this. But the main reason is that your content is not unique, most of the people like to watch only the content which is different i.e. unique and fun.

Algorithm is a procedure or formula by which the solution of any problem can be found step by step, the algorithm of most of the short video apps is the same, they reach the short videos made by those people, which people like more. Let's say, Instagram Algorithm is a highly sophisticated system designed with the purpose of knowing the interest of the people and providing related content,

What information Instagram users search across the platform, which posts, videos, reels to be shown to the user first, it also decides the Instagram algorithm, Instagram shows the photos, videos, reels to its users which are based on their behavior and interests. It is related like if a user constantly sees a dance or funny photo and video, then Instagram shows similar photos, videos in their feed.

How to Increase Views on Instagram Reels?

When you create a new reels on Instagram, sometimes you get 100 to 1000 or more views in it, but sometimes you do not get a single view on your reels, then the reason for this is Instagram Algorithm, as I have told,

Instagram first shows those reels or videos to the users, which people like most, so if your reels are liked by more people then its reach increases but if more people do not like it then it does not get more views. There can be many reasons for not getting views on Instagram Reels, some of which I am talking about.

Instagram Algorithm 2021

Instagram algorithm shows the content according to your interest, so users see the same reels that they want to see, we can understand it in such a way that if you like any Motivational Reels and you can see similar reels If you watch a lot, then you will get to see videos of this category on Instagram too.

It is meant to say here that to increase the views on Instagram Reels, you have to make reels videos according to the interest of the people, which more people like to watch, for this you can show your talent in the video, if you have Singing, Dancing etc. If you have any talent, then you can show your talent to as many people as possible through Instagram Reels.

  1. Make a Reels in Trending Topics
  2. Use Trending / Viral Hashtag
  3. Use Social Media To Increase Reels Views
  4. Regular Posting New Video
  5. Make Duet Reels Video
  6. Make Public & Professional Account
  7. Use Trending Effects
  8. Post Photos with Hashtag
  9. Reply Your Reels Comment
  10. Share Reels in Your Stories

1. Make Reels In Trending Topics

If you also start making Instagram Reels on any such topic, then the views of your reels will never increase, so you should make reels on Trending Topics, some topic remains in trend on Instagram and many people make videos on it. Similarly, if you make a video and post it on Trending & Viral Topic, then it brings good views on your made reels and people like it too.

2. Use Trending & Viral Hashtag

You must have seen hashtags on the reels of many people, you can increase the reach of your reels by using hashtags, if you use such hashtags, then it is trending, then it increases the chances of your reels going viral, Many people search about how to find Instagram Trending Hashtag, it is not so difficult, one can easily find trending hashtags, the hashtags that many people use become trending, here you will find I am telling about some hashtags which have become trending and which many people use to increase views on their Instagram reels.

#instagramreels #reels #featured #explore #exploremore #reelitfeelit #viral

3. Use Social Media To Increase Reels Views

You can use social media platforms to get views on reels, you can share your created reels with your friends on Facebook, Whatsapp, Telegram etc. When you share your short video on other social media platforms. So, it also increases the views of your video, so you not only have to post reels but also share it on social media sites, there are thousands of social sites available on the internet that you can use.

4. Regular Posting New Video

Some people make reels one day and views do not come on it, then on the second day they do not make reels, you must have seen millions of followers of many people on Instagram, and most of them will be video creators, and it is absolutely true that Millions of Followers can be increased through Instagram Reels, but for this your Reels also need to be Viral, and for this it is necessary that Regularly Video Post should be done in Instagram because if you post only 1 or 2 videos per day then even more Views increase on your Reels Video.

5. Make Duet Reels Video

Collaboration is a very good way to increase views on Instagram Reels, you can create reels by collaborating with another creator, you have seen the reels of many Instagram users, in which the videos of 2 creators are visible, it is also called duet video and Most of the short video apps have the option to make duet videos, on Instagram also users get the option called Remix This Reels, using which you can record and post your own video along with other creator's video.

6. Make Professional Account

There is an option to create a professional account on Instagram, the advantage of this is that you get many features in it, using which you can increase the views on your Instagram Reels, and Artist, Musician, Community, Digital Creator, Editor, Writer, Video Creator etc. can choose any category, apart from this new contact options are also available in the professional account, and you can also see the insights of your followers.

7. Use Trending Effects

Like videos on Instagram Reels, effects are also trending, which many people use, more views come to use the same trending effect in their reels, to know the trending effect, when you create a reels, then on the option of effect in it. Click and click on the trending option there, there is another way by using whichever effect people have made reels and millions of views have come on it, then understand that it is a trending effect.

8. Post Photos With Hashtag

Reels are the best way to increase followers on Instagram, but only you should post photos along with reels on your account to increase followers, because when you share any of your photos on Instagram with Hashtag, then your The photo is also visible to those users who have followed that hashtag or search related to the hashtag, then your photo is also visible to them, in this way the followers can be increased by posting the photo on Instagram and using the hashtag tightly and when your If the followers of the account are more, then the views come more on the reels.

9.Reply Your Reels Comment

The video that you make on Instagram Reels is a Content Creator and the one who views that video is the Viewer, if the Instagram Reels viewer made by you likes it, then they like it, along with it, by commenting You also give your feedback, so to increase the views on the reels, you should also reply to the comment of the viewer who commented on your video, when you reply to everyone's comment, they like it and they also share your video. does.

10.Share Reels in Your Stories

You can tell followers about your reels through Instagram Stories, here you can share the link of your reels and you can also write something, text, photos and videos can be shared in Instagram Stories, in this you can share You can also post a video by adding a song to a photo and use this option to increase views on Instagram Reels, in which you can tag your friends and ask them to share stories.


How to increase Views on Instagram Reels 10 ways have been told, using them you can increase Views and Likes on your Instagram Reels, and when many viewers see your video, some of them also follow your account. Therefore, it is a good way to increase followers on Instagram account, using which you can become famous by increasing real followers on your account.


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How to Increase Views on Instagram Reels